• Chasing, Pacing & Outracing the Sun! Classes are on land, water, bridges and paddleboards. The uneven and unstable terrain develops and trains our mind and body to stay connected and increase awareness beyond self. Check out the weekly outdoor fitness schedule and join the fearlessly committed to fitness and fun! [...]
  • It's more than core! This is total body conditioning experienced with a higher view. Welcome to standup paddleboarding (SUP). Get ready to walk tall, look up, stand and engage actively, physically and mentally. This is a road less traveled, an escape, for you to build endurance and actively recover, reconnect… [...]
  • Mission Fearless

    Karen Kennedy is Fearlessly Committed 2 Fitness leading others in the pursuit of self-excellence to reform their health, get phenomenally fit and stay fearlessly committed to keep moving physically in the direction of their dreams. #beDynamic. #liveKinetic.

    SUP training Miami Karen Kennedy Stand Up Paddling