Adventure, Treasures & Red Bull Privateers!
Invite 50+ Teams of 4 Paddleboard "Privateers" to a remote island off the west coast of Florida with the promise of treasures and admittedly one tremendous trophy! The Red Bull Privateers event was located on Cape Romano in the Rookery [...]
By Karen Kennedy Mar 13 th, 2018 Categories: Community , SUP Races
Karen Kennedy joins JP Australia International Team
Karen “KK” Kennedy is the newest team rider of the JP-Australia and the first woman to join the International Team! She's been part of the JP National Team in the USA since 2016 and started competing in Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) [...]
By Jan 25 th, 2018 Categories: Fitness , SUP Races , SUP Training
10 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric
Turmeric is one of those special foods that deserve the status of superfood. This golden spice has undergone a considerable amount of scientific study in recent years. Its proven benefits have resulted in it being added to smoothies, superfood juices [...]
By The Good Inside Sep 13 th, 2017 Categories: Food