• Outdoor Fitness

    Chasing, Pacing & Outracing the Sun! Classes are on land, water, bridges and paddleboards. The uneven and unstable terrain develops [...]
  • Paddleboarding

    It's more than core! This is total body conditioning experienced with a higher view. Welcome to standup paddleboarding (SUP).Get ready [...]
  • Pedalboarding

    Find balance, lift your butt, lean your legs and carve up your core with KK's one-of-a-kind full body Pedalboard workouts [...]
  • Optimal Eating

    Eat Well, Feel Fabulous & Look Phenomenal! This is your answer to how to lose (or gain) weight with focus [...]
  • Gift Certificates

    Gift Fitness it is the perfect gift! Redeemable for any fitness services or meal plans. [...]